Cosmetology, Barber & Esthetic Program in Houston, TX

Champion Beauty College, Inc. offers the most complete open program (we offer virtual learning when seasonal) of any beauty school in Houston, Pearland, Missouri City, or Pasadena, TX, covering practice and theory across any and all cosmetology and esthetician subjects. If you’re interested in becoming an esthetician, we strive to provide a well-rounded experience for our students through our series of esthetician courses that leave them feeling confident about their skills and knowledge when they leave our institution. There’s a reason many of our students go on to work for themselves after graduation, running their own successful businesses!

Below, you’ll find information about our program, including subjects and hours of our hair-styling courses, as well as State Board information and registration requirements.

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Course Programs

Cosmetology – 1000 Hours

  • 500 Hours Haircutting
  • 200 Hours Hair Coloring
  • 200 Hours Cold Waving
  • 100 Hours Orientation, Rules & Laws
  • 100 Hours Manicuring
  • 100 Hours Shampoo
  • 75 Hours Chemistry
  • 75 Hours Salon Management & Practices
  • 50 Hours Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • 50 Hours Chemical Hair Relaxing
  • 50 Hours Facials

Esthetics – 750 Hours

  • 225 Hours Facial Treatment, Cleansing, Masking, Therapy
  • 90 Hours Anatomy & Physiology
  • 75 Hours Electricity, Machines & Related Equipment
  • 75 Hours Makeup
  • 50 Hours Orientation, Rules & Laws
  • 50 Hours Chemistry
  • 50 Hours Care of Client
  • 40 Hours Sanitation, Safety & First Aid
  • 35 Hours Management
  • 25 Hours Superfluous Hair Removal
  • 15 Hours Aromatherapy
  • 10 Hours Nutrition
  • 10 Hours Color Psychology

Class A Barber – 1000 Hours

  • 150 Hours
    Basics: Anatomy and physiology; disorders of the skin, scalp, hair and nails; chemistry (haircoloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); bacteriology, sterilization, and sanitation; Safety, first aid, and sanitation; barber implements, tools, equipment and related theory; and history of barbering.
  • 750 Hours
    Practice: Shaving; mustaches and beards; haircutting; hairstyling; hair and scalp treatments, scalp massage; safety, first aid, and sanitation; hairweaving, extensions, and wigs; face and neck massage and treatments; facial hair removal; manicuring; chemistry (haircoloring, chemical waving, and relaxing); and razor techniques, safety, first aid sanitation.
  • 100 Hours
    Business: Texas barber laws and rules; customer service; barbershop management; professional Ethics and image; safety, sanitation, related practices and theory; and hygiene and good grooming.

State Board Information

After completing all esthetician and hair-styling courses in our Cosmetology and Facialist/Esthetician programs, students will need to pass their State Boards for certification. We prepare every student for their boards and take pride in our track record of graduates who pass their boards with flying colors. Upon passing, graduates will receive their license through the state of Texas upon passing their exam.

Registration Requirements

Below are the registration requirements for enrollment in our cosmetology, barber and esthetic school. Please bring all proper documentation with you to your interview. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • GED/Diploma from an accredited school
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport/Drivers’ License/ID Card

Enroll Today!

Champion Beauty College, Inc. welcomes any individual who wants to learn the skills they need to become an accomplished barber, cosmetologist, or hairstylist 24/7. We have continuous start dates and open enrollment for our hair-styling and esthetician courses. Contact us today at 281-583-9117 or 281-701-4764 (after hours and holidays) for more information about our programs and salon services or to begin the enrollment process.

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